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JNJanie New has joined forces with Prompt to head up our PR for luxury goods and services clients. She has been a very successful PR for more than 20 years, managing many high profile campaigns in industries including aviation, shipping, sovepiller uden recept, fashion, film and television. Hugely energetic, enthusiastic, charming, and always brimming with great ideas, Janie is the consummate professional.

Janie worked with Lords Hanson and White on the launch of Air Hanson, the business aviation subsidiary of Hanson Plc. She was also commissioned in 1999 to launch a $65 million fractional jet charter scheme for a European business jet operator. Subsequently she has been retained as PR Consultant for Gold Air, Oxford Airport, Signature Flight Support and Air Partner plc.

She has also worked extensively in the superyacht industry, running campaigns for super yacht brokers and yachting manufacturers at various international yacht shows, including Monaco, Dubai, Fort Lauderdale and Shanghai.

Janie has experience of working with interior designers and architects, handling all aspects of marketing and project negotiations to help companies increase exposure and find new projects.

She co-founded Taylor and New, a public relations company specializing in film and television. She ran high profile campaigns for major motion pictures across the UK, the US and the Continent, and represented international films and celebrities at all the significant film and television festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Sundance and New York.

Janie is no stranger to corporate re-branding or marketing co-ordination. She worked on the re-launch of Enid Blyton’s children’s books and the licensing of Batman to coincide with the launch of Warner Bros’s blockbuster movies. She also handled all PR for BBC Northern Ireland’s drama output, including the award winning programmes The Hanging Gale and Life After Life.

“I believe that you…are responsible in large part for the extraordinary viewing figures that ‘The Hanging Gale’ has received….You have been tireless and full of ideas and you could not have done a better job.” Jonathan Cavendish, Little Bird Two Productions Ltd.

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