Nutraceutical Copywriting: Food or Medicine?

Last week’s fortunate decision by the ECJ, that garlic extract powder capsules are not medicine, may hold a lesson for your marketing strategy. The confusion that led to this case reminds me of the misunderstandings that often keep great companies from promoting themselves as well as they should.

Do you use copywriting and other marketing services as food for your company, or as medicine?

Nutraceutical Copywriting: Food or Medicine?

By medicine, I mean a cure for a “disease,” a response to something bad that has already happened. Food, and more specifically nutraceuticals and functional food, are meant to strengthen your system continually over time. You use them consistently, and they reduce the impact and duration of an illness, or prevent the illness altogether.

Marketing should be food for your company.

If you have a good nutraceuticals copywriter creating fresh web content, newsletter articles, and mailing campaigns month after month, you’ll attract revenue and your business will stay healthy and resilient. But as a nutraceuticals copywriter, I’m often called in at the last minute to be the doctor, to “cure” a sales or marketing illness after the damage is already done.

If you send out an email blast, do just one mailing campaign to a list of prospects, or attend only a single trade show, the results may disappoint you. Just as a megadose of vitamin C can help relieve a cold, this emergency copywriting might bring decent results. But it’s really a poor, inefficient use of your resources.

Worse still, it reflects the same misunderstanding that led to the classification of garlic as a medicine in the first place.