A Thorough Approach

We believe that as a team of dental health specialists, we must remain constantly aware of improved techniques and equipment and be prepared to utilize them to our patients best advantage. In short, we feel that it is our responsibility to render the finest type of dental service.
We further believe that we have the obligation to provide for every patient a thorough examination and study of dental problems, to explain our findings in detail and discuss various treatment plans.
In other words, if we are to expect conscientious cooperation from our patients, we have to be conscientious in diagnosis, treatment planning, and the actual treatment of each patient. Therefore, we would like to acquaint you with the customary sequence of procedures regarding care of a new patient in our practice.

During the initial examination we will conduct a thorough examination including health and dental history, necessary diagnostic tests and a comprehensive visual examination. The more thorough the dental examination, the more intelligently we can diagnose and help you develop and maintain optimum oral health.

If emergency treatment should be necessary on the first visit for pain relief or to protect any tooth, then the initial dental examination will be completed on the second visit.

Diagnosis – Our Most Valuable Tool

You are probably not aware that there are over 200 diseases which can occur in the mouth and jaws (some of which can be life threatening). In the interest of maintaining exceptional dental health, we must determine how active dental disease is in each mouth.
Using all of our examination findings, I will develop a treatment plan and recommend a program that I believe will restore your mouth to optimal condition. We will discuss all findings of the examination and any pertinent questions will be answered.